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OC Online will be closed from April 10 through April 19 to celebrate the holiday and enjoy the early days of spring.   In the midst of so much uncertainty, we pray the resurrection story plants seeds of hope within you. 

The earth causes plants to grow.  And a garden causes the seeds planted there to grow. In the same way the Lord God will make grow what is right. (Isaiah 61:11)

In the coming weeks there will be a lot of trial and error as you sort out how to manage having learning happen at home.  To start, think about some of the practical variables.

Creating a weekly planner of work to be done each week by day of the week can help students and parents agree on daily tasks. Don’t be surprised if it takes much less time to get through assigned work.  Remember, your children do not need to take time to go to lockers, transfer between classes, or even get to a building.  The “school day” will be much shorter.   

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Suddenly your children are on screens all day every day—both for school and probably for recreation.   

Establish screen time boundaries.   

How many hours per day will be spent on school and how many on other things?   

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