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Oaks Christian Online Full-Time Student Travels the World and Pursues her Dreams!

Even though most students have experienced some online classes because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it can still be a challenge to imagine what fully committing to education with Oaks Christian Online makes possible in a student or family’s life.   

Take a look at this chat with one of our full-time Oaks Christian Online students to see how embracing online learning helped her explore her passions and continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom during her high school years. 

Hi Julianna! We’re so excited to hear a bit about your summer and how Oaks Christian Online fit into that!  So, how did you spend this last summer and what online courses did you take?  

I spent a month in France this summer, living with a French family. It is a language immersion program, to help improve my French. I took C.S. Lewis this summer; my other two classes necessary to graduate were not offered during the summer, so I will be taking those courses next semester to finish up high school.  

I heard you plan to graduate early. Can you tell us a bit more about that? Why do you want to graduate early and how does being at Oaks Christian Online allow you to do that?  

Yes! I was on a call with Mrs. Locke, my College Counseling teacher, and she was super helpful in helping me look at my options for senior year. We were trying to figure out my course schedule when we realized that I only had 1.5 credits left in order to graduate. My mom and I had been playing around with this idea of graduating early so it was really amazing to discover that I actually could. Oaks Christian Online has helped me because the courses are more flexible allowing me to take more classes than I would be able to if I was to be on campus going to classes.  

What are your future plans for life after Oaks Christian Online? How did you come to realize what you want to do?  

As I am finishing my last semester, I will be interning with my dad working for his company to see if home design is really the direction I want to go. I will also be returning to France and attending high school, not for any credit—just to help improve my French. Then following that, hopefully I will attend college. My plan is to double major in architecture and interior design.  

What’s something you’ve learned here that you think you’ll be able to take with you into the next phase of life?  

I learned that I do not have to have all the answers.  It is ok to be confused about your future and not know exactly what you want, or what it will look like. It is important to just keep moving forward and sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith and trust that it is all going to work out in the end. 

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