Why Oaks Christian Online

An Online Private School of Distinction

When selecting an online private school program, distinctions matter. Part of Oaks Christian School since 2011, Oaks Christian Online understands the benefits of a traditional campus experience and combines that with online learning best practices, resulting in school-spirited, college prep online course options ranging from single course all the way to a full-time diploma. With an average student-teacher ratio of 8:1, students get the time and attention they need to succeed.

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Your student is unique and deserves online courses that supports them, cares about their goals, and fits their needs. We understand that students with personal or professional goals may require the ability to complete coursework outside a traditional school schedule. Oaks Christian Online affords them the opportunity to pursue their dreams while preparing for college.

accreditation Matters

Oaks Christian Online courses are WASC and SAIS accredited as well as UC (a-g) and NCAA-approved to ensure that your student is not limited in future academic and athletic endeavors. Our students go on to their choice of four-year colleges with the assistance of our college counseling department.

Oaks Christian Online school gave me self-discipline that I have carried all the way to college. If I had not gone to OC Online I am not sure I would have made it out of my severe Freshman year at college.

- Isabelle


With more than a decade of experience offering courses online, we know what works, what doesn’t, and how to best support students throughout the entire online learning experience. We understand there’s a lot more to quality online learning than just delivering content online. Building a quality online program takes time and involves much more than just putting content in a digital format.

Relationships Matter

Oaks Christian Online teachers care deeply for their students with frequent feedback and communication, live instruction, and personal connections. Our teachers adopt a relational pedagogy, bridging the transactional distance that occurs in all online programs with grace and truth. With an average student-teacher ratio of 8:1, students have the time and attention they need to succeed.  In addition, students connect with their peers in our live sessions, community chapels, homeroom, and activities.

Oaks Christian Online helped shape me in ways that prepared me for the toughness of the world, and the physical and mental challenge of a University.

- Julia

quality Matters

Quality online learning can’t be built overnight. Learning at an online private school isn’t about just putting textbooks and assignments online. Effective online courses are a complex tapestry of engaging instruction, collaborative and interactive elements, well trained faculty, intentional use of EdTech tools, rich conversation, and timely feedback. Oaks Christian Online is built using live instruction and personal feedback along with rich Oaks Christian written curriculum to ensure students have a positive, college prep learning experience.

faith Matters

Our unique approach to theological engagement inside a virtual Christian school affords us the opportunity to explore faith without compromising beliefs. We guide dialogue with students to better understand their faith through meaningful conversations with teachers and interaction with course content. We provide academic Bible courses as well as Spiritual Life, connecting your student with our chaplains and staff who care deeply about their spiritual growth. This is one of the many reasons we feel strongly about being one of the very best online high schools in the US.

Oaks Christian Online pushes you outside of your comfort zone and integrates you with students from other countries and cultures.

- Oaks Christian Online Graduate

safety Matters

In a world where bullying, health concerns, and other daily challenges are a reality, having a safe, stable option provides tremendous value and peace of mind. Inside the community of an online private school, Oaks Christian Online reduces many of these challenges facing teens and their parents.

options Matter

We get it. Your student wants choices in the online courses they select; and we can help you provide it to them. We offer more than 120 online courses, including 17 APs, 5 World Languages (including American Sign Language), and dual credit options through 6 universities and colleges.