Enrollment Options and Tuition for Our Christian Online Courses

Whether you are considering a single course, a few courses, or enrolling Full-Time to earn a diploma with us, as a virtual learning school, we want to help guide you through the process to ensure we are a good fit for your goals. Our Christian online classes are built around rigorous standards for excellence and are designed to teach students the right way, so they retain what they learn.

There’s no cost to apply; just click a “Get Started” button below.

However, if you are unsure and simply want to start a conversation with us, email us at online@oakschristian.org and let us be of service to you.

The OC Online curriculum is rigorous and college preparatory. It comprises a required core of studies believed to be fundamental to a liberal arts education, and elective courses designed to fit the needs and interests of the individual student. The course of study follows a traditional college-preparatory path, which includes AP offerings. 

Course Tuition / Semester

$795 per semester CP/Honors course
$895 per semester AP course

Full-Time Tuition

$8780 per year for Standard Diploma
$9295 per year for Honors Diploma

Payment Plans and limited Financial Aid Available / Additional Costs May Apply


Christian online courses


Christian online classes
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