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Online Spiritual Formation Podcast Interview 

In an increasingly online educational sphere, how can we ensure the distinctive essence of spiritual formation remains in our educational endeavors? Samantha Farinacci, Chaplain at Oaks Christian Online School, shares her insights with ACSI Chief Ministry Officer, Jerry Nelson.   

Reach Samantha Farinacci at SFarinacci@oakschristian.org  

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The Grafted Together Podcast examines how biblical worldview and spiritual formation should integrate into everyday Christian education. ACSI launched four podcasts in January 2024. All four will have a new episode each month, available here on YouTube and in audio-only form on most major podcast platforms. These podcasts will help sharpen your leadership and explore ways to cultivate a flourishing school community, all through a biblical worldview framework. Find more info here: https://www.acsi.org/podcasts 

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