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Coming Together to Explore Our Online Learning Academy

As many brick and mortar students transitioned to remote learning during the pandemic, with varying degrees of success, many families are left wondering: Can online education be a good fit for my family?   

We recognize this is a big decision and researching can have conflicting results depending on your experience and sources.  Even as educators, the choice to go online for each of us had to be done thoughtfully.  At Online Learning Academy, we acknowledge that not all programs are the same and want to be as transparent and helpful as we can in providing information and resources for families and schools wrestling with this decision 

We encourage you to reach out to us directly with any questions you may have, but we also understand the value of thinking through things in your own time and spaceTo support you in that, here is a video series featuring some members of our team as they unpack some online learning considerations. 

First Look: Family Support & Schedule

How will having a student taking a course online affect my family?

Personal Skills: Resiliency

Does my child have the resiliency to endure the unique challenges of online learning? 

Academic Skills: Reading Comprehension

How are the expectations of reading comprehension different in an online learning environment? 

Workspace and Technology

What technology or equipment will I need in my home for my child to learn online? 

Academic Skills: Following Directions​

Can my child follow directions online? 

Personal Skills: Communication

What kind of communication skills will help make my child successful as an online student? 

Work Skills: Time and Energy Management

How will my child pace themselves as an online student? 

Work Skills: Independent Learning

How will my child be learning when they aren’t in front of a teacher each day? 

Work Skills: Ability to Pay Attention

How is being focused online different from being focused in a traditional classroom? 

Work Skills: Willingness to Learn

Will taking a course online inspire and motivate my child to learn?

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