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This blog post is an interview with Kelly Johnson, the Director of the Oaks Christian Learning Center, and explores the many online options and resources the Learning Center provides. 

Hi Kelly!  We’re excited to hear more about Oaks Christian’s Learning Center.  Some Oaks Christian Online students and partners may not be aware that this is a resource available to them.  Can you tell us a little bit about what the learning center can provide for online students as they work through their courses? 

The Online Learning Academy offers a variety of programs to support students reach their academic goals. We offer 1:1 tutoring, SAT/ACT test prep, executive function training, small group tutoring, review sessions (mid-terms and finals) and workshops. We now offer tutoring in person and virtually and have availability throughout the day, after school, in the evenings and on some weekends. Additionally, the Learning Center is home of the Brain Performance Center which offers neurofeedback training. Neurofeedback has great success in helping with struggles such as anxiety, depression, concussions, and athletic performance. We are proud to be the first – and currently only – high school in the nation to house a neurofeedback training center.   

What are some of the ways online students can utilize the learning center in other ways besides course support? 

In addition to content support through 1:1 tutoring, online students benefit from being enrolled in the Executive Function (EF) program. Students in the EF program meet at least twice a week with an executive function coach who helps the student with essential skills such as time management, study skills, prioritizing assignments. Additionally, they serve as an accountability partner by ensuring the student sticks to their pace chart and turn assignments in on time. 

Is there a cost for any of these services? 

There is a fee for Learning Center services. Oaks Christian School students, including OC Online partner schools, receive a discount. 

Can you share an example where you’ve seen an online student grow from their time at the learning center? 

One of the greatest joys we have is when a student shares their excitement of reaching their goal. Recently we had a student who was taking some online classes and some classes on campus. This student was doing poorly in an online class and was not going to be eligible to play basketball if he did not get his grades up. We enrolled him in the EF program and in 1:1 tutoring. He committed to doing the work, dedicated the time needed to catch up on missing assignments and welcomed the support of his EF coach and tutors. I think we were all as happy as he was when he called to say he earned a passing grade and was eligible to play! 

How should an online student determine if reaching out to the learning center would be beneficial for them? 

The Online Learning Academy has tutors proficient in all levels of courses – CP through AP. Whether the student is struggling to pass a class, needs help with a specific topic/chapter or just needs a little extra help with executive function skills, the student should reach out to the Learning Center and we can help determine which program, or level of support, would be the best fit.  

Lastly, how can online students reach the Online Learning Academy? 

The Online Learning Academy can be reached through any one of the following ways: 

805.267.9407 (text) 

818.824.9449 (call) 

learning@oakschristian.org (email) 

Information provided by  

Kelly Johnson, Ed.D. 

Director | OC Learning Center 

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