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Summer School 2024!

Fast Facts! 

Overview of Summer School Classes 

As the weather begins to warm, start thinking about if taking an online course with Oaks Christian Online might make your summer even more awesome!  Summer school online courses can usually* be added to your transcript regardless of where you go to school.  This allows students to complete a single semester course remotely in just nine weeks (June 10 – August 9).  Teachers hold weekly live classes and office hours virtually for additional meeting time; they also provide regular and frequent feedback on assignments and coursework.  Here are some great ways to utilize online summer courses in your high school and middle school career:   

Start Fresh: Try a class again. 

Also, our summer online courses offer the chance to improve a grade from a previous class or deepen your learning in a subject. It’s a great time to take time for a complete a do-over or get back on track.  Pro tip for students and schools: Take an honest look at midterm grades and start planning now for courses that will most likely need to be retaken.    

Shoot Forward: Explore getting ahead. 

Summer school online courses can also offer a way to achieve more aspirational scholastic goals or extracurricular activities. More time during your school year might facilitate preparing to have a lighter senior year, creating schedule space for taking dual enrollment college courses, AP classes, or more electives during the fall and spring, or even finishing high school early. You could open your fall or spring semester for sports, musical or theatrical performances, or other outside of school volunteerism or activities.    

Shine Bright: Enjoy a fun class. 

With nearly 30 electives to choose from, summer can be a great time to enjoy a subject of unique interest for students. Classes like “Creative Writing”, “Fashion Design”, “Interior Design”, “Models of Christian Service in Film”, “Forensic Science” or “Middle School Photography” are just a few of the many choices available.    

Get Started!  

For credit courses are $995 each and there are 120+ to choose from; take a look! You can even register online! Course Options!   

*If you are interested in more information, please contact us at online@oakschristian.org. 

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