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A Partner Story: Short Term Need, Long Term Solution

Online programs are not all the same.  Paying for a seasoned and quality program like OC Online means maintaining the integrity of your school’s Christian mission and educational values.  

One of our international school partners shares her experience below:  

Meeting a Need  

Our school exists to serve primarily missionary families and Christian workers while on the mission field. Many of the families would not be able to continue in their ministries if it were not for good educational options for their children. Since our staff raise their own support to come teach here, it is not always easy to have all of our staffing positions met each year. This year, we were missing a secondary social studies teacher. Thanks to Oaks Christian Online, we were able to continue offering an accredited and quality class to our students.   

The Student Experience  

OC Online’s flexibility in working with us has been a tremendous blessing.  One thing that stood out to us about OC Online is the fact that the students are able to meet via a live video session with the teacher once a week. This makes it much more personal than simply working through a list of assignments each week or having self-graded exams. Additionally, they work with our school’s needs and schedule and allow for exceptions to be made (for example, there is a solution if students can’t make the live online session).    

The Price Tag  

We have tried several online schools, and though Oaks Christian costs more than some of our other options, we switched another one of our classes over to OC Online precisely for the quality of the educational experience such as:  

  • having a live teacher 
  • personal feedback 
  • the appropriate balance of flexibility and accountability 

I would heartily recommend them to any school who has a need for a specific class or is missing a teacher in a specific subject area. Their partnership has been a tremendous help to us this year and we look forward to continuing the relationship!  

Onboarding & Continued Support 

Dean of Students, Jeff Ogne has also been great about working with our school’s schedule and figuring out the best way to take into account both our calendar and the OC Online calendar.  He is a great communicator and deals with any issues that come up. He gives clear instructions (and videos) on how to sign up and enter the information needed. He is also good about checking in and seeing if anything is needed.   

If you’re interested in brainstorming solutions to your school’s important needs, reach out!  

Special thanks to Marie Blanchard, Director of ECA, Spain for participating in this blog. 

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