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Easter Chapel: Humbled by the Cross

At OC Online, our 2024 Spiritual Life theme is humility.  As a staff, faculty, and student body, we have used this definition to explore this theme: 

“Humility is using the power we have to gently love God and love our neighbors as we love ourselves.”    

During holy week we look at the collision of human power with God’s power.  God in Christ chose to use his infinite power to lower down and became a servant, succumbing to death—even death on a cross—that we might have new life.   

In response, humans in power chose to crucify him.   

This contrast between human pride and divine humility is striking and sad but it is too important to turn away from. 

For our Easter chapel, we looked at this act of divine humility through the eyes of those who were there.  Following the thief on the cross, Peter, and the women at the tomb, we were humbled by the cross and inspired by the resurrection together. 

As our offices prepare to close in observance of Good Friday and Easter, we invite you to experience this chapel asynchronously with us: 

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