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How Pacifica Christian and Oaks Christian Online Reach Students Together

At Oaks Christian Online we love to help other schools continue to serve their students well. One of the partnerships we have appreciated has been with Pacifica Christian, a wonderful high school in Santa Monica, California that we are honored to support and come alongside in serving their students. 

Wally Hirsh, Director of Counseling at Pacifica, shares a bit about his experience with Oaks Christian Online and how working together has helped provide creative solutions for their students’ academic needs. 

What caused you to seek out an online program to assist your students? 

As a specialized liberal arts high school in the heart of Santa Monica, we don’t always have space or enough demand from students to offer certain courses that a small percentage of our students are interested in taking.  

How was Oaks Christian Online able to help? 

Partnering with Oaks Christian allows us to offer high quality, academically rigorous courses to our students who desire to challenge themselves with courses that we don’t have the ability to offer locally onsite.  

What have you enjoyed most about your work with Oaks Christian Online?  

What I like about Oaks Christian Online is that there is a representative who is attentive to our students’ needs and partners with our administration to make sure our students are receiving a quality educational experience. 

If you are interested in talking more about what it would look like for us to serve your school, please reach out to us at online@oakschristian.org.  We’d love to partner with you because Together We Thrive! 

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