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Oaks Christian Online 10 Year Anniversary

Oaks Christian Online Celebrates 10 Years!!

The 2020-2021 school year marks an historic year for OC Online!  This is our 10th school year as an online learning community!!  As we’ve shared here Oaks Christian Online set out to be a private, independent, Christian, college preparatory online option for students, families, and partner schools.  This year we celebrate that vision’s longevity as we reach an entire decade of service!  Reflecting on this, one faculty member in our history department said it best, “A decade…..I wish I had found Oaks back then [in 2011].”   

During these ten years, we have served over 3,500 students across 10,000+ enrollments (an enrollment is a student in a class; for example, one student taking two classes is 2 enrollments).  Additionally, we have been able to serve nine partner schools enabling them to expand and develop their programs and course offerings.  We have been truly grateful for every full-time, part-time, and partner school student that we have had the joy of learning with.   

We hope that all who have journeyed through this decade with us will heed the wisdom of this Proverb: 

Keep hold of instruction; do not let go; guard her, for she is your life.” (Proverbs 4:13) 

To celebrate all of the instruction, guidance, mentorship, fellowship, and spiritual growth that has happened here, we decided to throw a party!  So often we find Jesus at parties; he knew the importance of celebrating God’s kingdom work in the world, and we wanted to do the same.  To check out some of the screenshots from our online faculty and staff party, feel free to look here. 

Oaks Christian Online Balloon Drop
Oaks Christian Online 10 Year Anniversary
Oaks Christian Online Learning
Oaks Christian Online Matt Northrup
Oaks Christian Online 10 Year Celebration
Oaks Christian Online 10 Years
Oaks Christian Online Academy

As part of the celebration, we heard a word of encouragement and blessing from Associate Head of School, Dr. Matt Northrop: 

Thank you for the ways you’ve continued to invest in the lives of our students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spirituallyThank you for the way that you continue to shine the light of Christ living in and through youYou all are doing some amazing work, some important workI pray that the Lord would sustain you, that he would strengthen you for the task and the purposes that he has placed in you and in your life.  Thank you again on behalf of our administration and leadership and our community. So many hearty thanks. 

Here’s to many decades to come! 

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