Oaks Christian Online Learning Academy homeschool academy

Black History Month at OC Online

To honor Black History Month and the contributions, experiences, and stories of Black Americans, OC Online hosted two events to engage our student and faculty community. Our cloud campus enjoys using innovative solutions to host exhibits in our virtual campus and provide virtual face to face interactions. We may not have hallways or classrooms, but we still find ways to provide these important school cultural moments. 

Black History Gallery Walk 

We asked teachers to share people in their fields of study (or another!) that they would like students to know about. These collected biographies were posted for students to “walk through” in our virtual Student Life, or homeroom, course.  

Candlelight Vigil 

We also hosted teachers on February 15th for a candlelight vigil to honor Black History Month. All faculty were welcome to enter our virtual room. When inside, participants brought silence, scripture, prayer, and/or lamentation in honor of Black History Month, interacting with both quotes and scripture. They were able to come and just be or come and contribute– much as they would for an in-person vigil. 

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