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Learning from Homeschool Academy: Wisdom Seeking

Ironically, schools providing distance learning means our kids are no longer at a distance.   

They are home.   




Perhaps this is creating some new challenges and considerations (and undoubtedly a few headaches).   

Those of us at Oaks Christian Online homeschool academy who are parents, asked our staff who have experience homeschooling their own children for some tips on how to make the best of learning at home. They had a LOT of helpful wisdom. 

Over the upcoming weeks we’ll release one short pro tip per week.  We’ll cover things like managing screen time, logistics, meeting differing needs, shifts in roles and expectations, finding teachable moments, and how to embrace the opportunities in this unexpected and unprecedented time.   

We want to walk beside you during these times and provide you with practical support, encouragement, and prayer.  In the meantime, remember to be gracious with yourself and with your child. This is a big change for everyone! 

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