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Partner School Reflections: Expanding Course Offerings

Counselors, school leaders, and parents are looking for new ways to ensure students receive the academic solution that meets them where they are socially, emotionally, and academically.  This can be challenging for small, local schools with limited financial and facility resources. Add to this teacher shortages and the natural differences among learners and we have a complex problem with limited solutions.    

At OC Online we partner with schools around the country to help them increase course offerings and create more options for their students’ unique academic needs. 

Partnering with OC Online means 

  • Complete access to our full course offerings including: 
  • AP courses 
  • Unique Electives 
  • Languages 
  • Independent Study 
  • College Counseling 
  • Dual Enrollment 
  • Community Building 

As more and more students seek diverse and individualized educational paths, educators are continually looking for ways their program can say “yes” to special requests from families.  But for many private Christian schools offering alternatives to standard course offerings can be challenging and expensive.  

It’s difficult, for example, to hire a full-time teacher for two students who want to take Fashion Design or Creative Writing.   
…Or to continue offering a particular course when a teacher departs and it’s tough to rehire.  
…Or to provide all the AP and dual enrollment courses many students today are seeking.   
…Or to offer independent PE for the elite gymnast who can’t make it to school before 10am.   
…Or to give homeschool students an opportunity to take community building or enrichment classes where they can connect with students around the world. 

All these scenarios may feel like one-offs but when added together they expose a growing set of issues schools are facing: 

It’s impossible to offer all the courses students want (and sometimes need).  That’s where we can help! 

Because of these challenges, many wonderful, life-giving smaller Christian schools, homeschool cooperatives, and independent programs are finding it challenging to serve their students and families well.   

Our passion and belief in these local schools are some of the reasons we seek out school partners.  We want students to be able to stay part of the local education communities they have built, but still have access to the courses they want, or need, to take.  Schools we partner with can now offer families full access to a wide range of courses without having to ‘send’ them elsewhere or just do without.  Our school partners have used our program to retain their students who wanted to take Chinese, ASL, AP Computer Science, Health, and many more.  It has brought us joy to see students get to remain part of the school they love, while still gaining access to the courses they need or want.   

If you’d like to talk with us about how to add more course offerings to your program, we’d love to chat.  You can reach out at online@oakschristian.org

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