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Beginning Again in 2021

Having a school year broken into two parts gives students a chance for a fresh start.  Fall semester ends and spring term begins.  True to life, students get to experience the closing of one door and the opening of another.  Whenever we can, we as educators seek opportunities to help students make peace with what has been and to look with hope at what is to come.   

One of the simplest ways to do this is to give students a chance to answer “what did you learn last semester?”  While not a complex question, the introspection it invites students into can be very rich and meaningful and can provide insights into truths that resonate for all of us. 

Here are some of the reflections shared by students this year: 

About Being Online/Oaks Christian Online 

  • I learned last semester that I like online school better than in person school. 
  • Last semester I learned just how much I like being in a Christian school environment, even one that is online. I had never had that experience before, and last semester I discovered how important the caring, vibrant, school community vibe can be. 
  • I have learned that I do not need to be so stressed about school because everyone will try to help you if you need help. 
  • I learned last semester that…I enjoy working alone more than with other people. 
  • Something that I learned about myself last semester is that I can easily adapt to online learning.  
  • I learned that I understand school and I can do it well 

About Study Skills 

  • I learned that I need to be organized in order to get a lot of work done!  
  • One thing I learned about myself last semester is that I can be very efficient when I want to be, regardless of circumstances. 
  • Last semester I learned that I procrastinate much more than I should. 
  • I learned that I get distracted a lot during school time. 
  • I learned that I am capable of being successful in the classes that I am not as confident in. 
  • Something that I learned about myself last semester was that I need to work on my time management. 
  • Last semester I learned that it is very hard for me to work with distractions and I that I need to go over topics multiple times before taking a quiz or test on it. 
  • Last semester I learned that I benefit from waking up earlier to get my work done, rather than sleeping in and doing my work later. 
  • I learned that I can put off something for a long time and lose focus really easily.  
  • I learned that I am a little bit sluggard. 

About Rest 

  • I learned from last semester that I need to take breaks in order to get the best grade possible. I can also apply this to my daily life and when things get hard or tough I can take breaks. 
  • I learned that it is good to be patient and still to calm myself down and just relax. 

About Myself 

  • I learned I am way more dependent on social interaction then I think. What I mean is I need to talk to people a lot or just be around people. 
  • I was not here last semester but I have learned that I like to run during lock down.  
  • Something I learned about myself last semester is that I love to be a leader and I love spending time with family. 
  • Last semester I learned that I can do anything if I apply myself enough. 
  • Last semester, I learned that change isn’t always a bad thing. 
  • Last semester I discovered my love of teaching! I learned this through my community service hours of assisting young students in ballet.  
  • I learned that I can be creative at times. 
  • Last semester I learned how to better control myself in extreme situations. 
  • Last semester I learned about hard work and what it takes to get to your goals! 
  • I learned that I like to draw. 
  • Last semester I learned that I am much more capable then what I let myself believe. 
  • Something I learned about myself last semester was that I like to cook and bake. Although I don’t do it very much I think it’s really fun. 

About My Faith 

  • Something I learned about my self last semester was I have so much more knowledge in God than I thought and I am so excited about that because it can help me to teach other people about him. 
  • I learned that I actually enjoy reading the psalms way more than I thought I would! 
  • I learned that when I schedule my week I am able to relax more and have more free time. Also, I found that meditation really does work even though I hadn’t believed in it for a while! 
  • Something I learned about myself last semester is that God is always with me no matter where I go. 
  • I learned about my desire to spiritually confident 
  • Last semester, I learned more about connecting to God through [one of my classes] 
  • Last semester I learned that taking some quiet time and reading the Bible is relaxing and really interesting from one assignment I did. 
  • Something that I learned last semester was that sitting in silence lets me focus on my praying more. 
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