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College Blog Alert: CARLETON COLLEGE

Meet Ethan: Ethan Saucedo, an Oaks Christian Online full-time student graduate from the class of 2019 will be a freshman this year at Carleton College.  Let’s explore what Ethan will be experiencing in the college he chose.  

Overview: Carleton College is a small, liberal arts college located in Northfield, Minnesota (population 20,000) which is roughly 45 minutes from Minneapolis (and the Mall of America!).  Carleton has just over 2,000 undergraduate students, 83% from states other than Minnesota.  The campus boasts an 800 acre forest where students can explore, snow shoe or cross country ski. The typical Carleton student can be described as lad back, outdoorsy with a passion for learning.   

Academics:  Carleton students are well taken care of.  Though the classes are rigorous, the professors are described as “friendly, accessible, supportive and enthusiastic about teaching; they are truly student focused.  It is not uncommon for students to have dinner in the homes of their professors.  The atmosphere at Carleton is collaborative. Students don’t compete or look to “one up” their classmates but rather root for others to succeed. Carleton is on the trimester system which means students take 3 classes at each term rather than the typical 4 or 5 which allows students to really go in depth with what they are learning. Though a liberal arts college, Carleton is known for its strength in the sciences. 

Student Life: The activities at Carleton are campus centered. For the 2,045 students there are over 132 registered organizations to join it. Intramural sports are a huge factor on campus (with broom ball and ultimate Frisbee being the most popular). Some of the unique features offered at Carleton are the Docie Moses House where students can bake and eat cookies 24/7, the 30 minutes Initiative which provides students with one on one time, group discussions and candid interviews with Carleton alumni who are successful in their chosen fields and Mentor Externships which gives students 1-4 week internships with a focus project and home stays with their professional mentor. 

Fast Facts:  

  • 2,025 Undergraduate students 
  • 50/50 Male to female ratio 
  • 100% of Freshmen live on campus 
  • 9:1 Student to faculty ratio 
  • 96% Freshman retention rate 
  • 10-19 Average class size 
  • 23%  Admissions rate.  Williams College, Yale University and Bowdoin College are the other colleges Carleton applicants also apply to. 

Cyndy Locke 
Director of College Counseling 

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