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Earlier this week I received an email from one of our online teachers with the subject “Heavy Weekend Check In”.  I took a deep breath before opening it, knowing that it must be regarding the most recent school shooting incident at Saugus High School which took place last week (Nov. 14).

You should know before I go on that I am the “Oaks Online Chaplain,” and as such, I am one of those people who often feels like I’m supposed to know what to say and do when tragedy comes.

Are you also one of those people?  A parent, a teacher, an administrator, a counselor, a youth leader, a sibling, a spouse?  Do you feel like you should know?  Like you should have a good response?

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Oaks Christian School is named, of course, after the oak tree.  In its history, Oaks Christian has grown many branches to provide educational shelter, beauty, and nourishment for students.  It has added additional grade levels, unique departments, extensive facilities, engaging staff, and rigorous courses.  In 2010 when the school opened an online branch, many new ways to serve students emerged.  Kevin Lindsey, an academic dean on the main campus, takes a moment to reflect on the ways these online options have given him a chance to support his students in creative ways.

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Stepping Into the First Century

By Samantha Farinacci, OC Online Chaplain

One of the most exciting things about reading the New Testament in the Bible is that we get a glimpse into what first century people were thinking about Jesus.  How were people just beginning to process what they had seen and what they had heard? 

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