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Stepping Into the First Century

By Samantha Farinacci, OC Online Chaplain

One of the most exciting things about reading the New Testament in the Bible is that we get a glimpse into what first century people were thinking about Jesus.  How were people just beginning to process what they had seen and what they had heard? 

How an independent student at San Antonio Christian School encountered purpose in her OC Online ASL Course

In addition to full time students and blended students, there is a third group of students we have the chance to serve at OC Online called “independent students”.  These are students who are happily fully immersed in their own local brick and mortar school and are simply seeking a supplementary online course.

Bevenuti!  Or greetings in Italian which is what you will hear from Oaks Christian Online alumnae Summer Knapp (class of 2016) and Samantha D’Ambrosio (class of 2019) who have made St. John Cabot University in Rome their college choice.

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