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One of the highlights of my spring semester so far has been having the chance to get to know one of our new students.  Emma joined OC Online midway through the year as an independent student and enrolled in two Bible courses at once—so I got to have her twice!  Through this experience I came to learn how much Emma appreciates meaningful interaction and rigorous engagement with course content.  The following is an interview with her:

Samantha: Hi Emma!  Thanks for joining us here on the OC Online blog.  To get started, can you share with us what school you’re currently attending and how you came to take some courses with OC Online?  How did you hear about us and what caused you to enroll? 

Emma: I am currently attending Valor Christian High School in Colorado. However, I spend the spring semester in Florida so I have been taking some courses through OC Online to compensate for the courses that I miss during that time. My counselor suggested that I enroll in OC Online for the courses that I would miss, so I did. 

Sometimes the transition back to school from Christmas break can be a challenge.  The stark contrast between lounging by the nativity scene with family and jumping into resolutions, meetings, grades and new courses can feel a bit overwhelming for educators and students. 

What we often need in these first weeks of January is a gentle transition, a little dawn between the night and the day.

On a lovely fall Saturday, OC Online hosted its first of two in-person fall semester lab days on Oaks Christian School’s main campus. Our students attend lab days to complete the required number of in-person labs for their online lab science courses. As part of the University of California accreditation requirements, students must complete one lab per unit in their science courses. OC Online offers 8 laboratory science courses with this requirement: college-prep and AP level Chemistry, college-prep and AP level Biology, college-prep and AP level Physics, Marine Biology, and AP Environmental Science. Since OC Online is home to students from all over the country and the world, students at a distance also participate in this lab requirement by receiving a lab kit with all their required equipment. They meet with a qualified adult in their homes or at one of our participating partner schools to complete the lab experiments. Having this lab component in our science courses not only promotes academic inquiry through scientific exploration, but it also provides a unique opportunity for students to connect with their teachers, peers, and staff.

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