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Hank, you were once a full time student at OC Online.  When did you graduate? Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to since you graduated high school? 

I graduated alongside several other full-time OC Online students in May of 2015. After graduating, I decided to attend a small, Christian liberal arts college in New York City called The King’s College. While there, a ton of incredible opportunities have come my way. I’ve worked as a barista, a copyeditor for a charter school, a teaching assistant, and I spent two years planning and operating academic competitions and conferences at my school.

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In the 25 years I have been a college counselor, I have had the opportunity to visit hundreds of colleges and universities. With the vast majority of colleges I find positive attributes that allow me to recommend the college to my students. Rarely though, when I am visiting a college am I be absolutely blown away. This was my experience when visiting High Point University.

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One of the big reveals of the Bible is that God steps into a human body. 

Jesus talks and eats with prostitutes and Pharisees, sees the sea and touches the lepers, smells lilies of the field and oils of women, and even pours a glass of wine at a wedding in Canaan.

God, as Jesus, experiences the five senses.

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