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As the semester nears its close, it is important to note that final exams are coming. While for some the thought of taking a final exam may be quite stressful, there are steps you can take now to help prepare you for a smooth finals week. 

The biggest, most obvious thing you can do to prepare yourself for final exams is study. Create a schedule of your upcoming exams and the days you will take each exam. Set aside some time each week to review and study course material from the semester. This may be found in your book and in your online class. Also, keep an eye out as your teacher may have a final exam study guide for you.

Have you ever been asked to “share your testimony”?  Does that spark enthusiasm in you?  Or terror?  Or nothing?  Do you feel like you know what you would say or would you need some more time before you could answer?

What do you think of when you hear the word “testimony”?

Perhaps you’ve heard people share radical conversion stories about how much their life changed after they became a disciple of Jesus.  These stories usually include three acts modeled after the prodigal son story: 1) Lost 2) Found 3) Celebration.  And much like the prodigal son story, these personal experiences are moving to hear and compel us into deeper understandings of God’s grace, power, and mercy.

Yet as compelling as these particular testimonies are, I always appreciate when faith communities look to include more kinds of stories in the mix of experiences they discuss together.  As members of the Jesus-life we actually have many stories (small and large) about how God is inviting us deeper and deeper into his Spirit. 

One of the highlights of my spring semester so far has been having the chance to get to know one of our new students.  Emma joined OC Online midway through the year as an independent student and enrolled in two Bible courses at once—so I got to have her twice!  Through this experience I came to learn how much Emma appreciates meaningful interaction and rigorous engagement with course content.  The following is an interview with her:

Samantha: Hi Emma!  Thanks for joining us here on the OC Online blog.  To get started, can you share with us what school you’re currently attending and how you came to take some courses with OC Online?  How did you hear about us and what caused you to enroll? 

Emma: I am currently attending Valor Christian High School in Colorado. However, I spend the spring semester in Florida so I have been taking some courses through OC Online to compensate for the courses that I miss during that time. My counselor suggested that I enroll in OC Online for the courses that I would miss, so I did. 

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