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As educators, we frequently teach students subjects which do not, at first glance, draw them in.

So much of the creativity and responsibly, then, of a great teacher or curriculum writer is to enchant.  At our best, we help students see (perhaps for the first time) the wonder, mystery, truth, and joy in what they are learning in classes they ‘have’ to take.

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As we’ve explored how the five senses can expand our teaching, learning, and spiritual growth this year at OC Online, we thought it fitting to send you off into the Christmas season with a few Christmas carols!  Singing in response to Jesus’ birth is a tradition that dates back all the way to Mary’s Magnificat, where Mary ponders her incredible task of carrying God’s son with a song. 

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Introduction: As educators, most of us have experienced the joy of having a student and then, later, having his or her sibling.  At Oaks Online many of our teachers are having the chance to do this very thing with two of our current full-time student sisters, Emma (9th) and Mya (11th).  On top of attending the same online program for high school, these two also dance together for the same ballet company and are, this Christmas, putting on The Nutcracker together.  It will undoubtedly be a spectacular performance, and it was certainly enchanting to hear the two of them talk about it.

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