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(2019-2020 School Year)

One of the most interesting elements of online learning is the ability to balance flexibility and structure in how we experience the school year. This fall we are launching a new late policy that should leave space for when students need a little extra time, while still maintaining a high level of accountability, so they are motivated to get back on track as soon as possible.

It’s pretty common to attend a Christian worship service or school chapel and find people talking about living with “purpose”. We use words like “calling” and “discernment” when making decisions about how to live and what to do, reinforcing the idea that there is divine relevance to our choices.

For those of us who revolve our lives around the school calendar, this month, May, is notorious for being the worst.  It’s full of all the heavy stuff like AP exams, finals, essays, grading, graduation, technical errors and, more often than not, paying the piper for all the procrastinating we’ve done throughout the year.

(It does pile up, doesn’t it?)

But today let’s consider something else May is also about.

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