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All of us at Oaks Christian Online offer our highest congratulations to this year’s graduating seniors!  We have had the honor of serving over twenty blended student seniors this spring, hailing from several schools including our own brick and mortar campus.  Additionally, we are so pleased to present our own 2020 graduating class of full time OC Online students.  To Aubrie, Eneya, Helena, Hudson, James, Max, and Mia, we are so proud of you and we are going to miss you!

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As a Christian community, we love finding new ways at Oaks Christian Online to live out our faith together in practical ways.  Most recently, this has looked like sourcing our graduation gowns in a unique way.

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As the semester winds down, consider taking a 100% online summer course with Oaks Christian Online!  Summer school online courses allow students to complete a semester long course remotely in just nine weeks (June 8 - August 7).  Teachers hold weekly live sessions and office hours virtually for additional meeting time; they also provide regular and frequent feedback on assignments and coursework.  Here are some great ways to utilize online summer courses in your high school and middle school career:

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