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Jonathan Doyle
Foreign Language
Bachelor of Arts, Hispanic Language and Culture, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Teaching Certificate, Spanish 9-12, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Master of Science, Game Production and Management, University of Advancing Technology
I have been High School Spanish Teacher since 2003, before that I was a teacher assistant for many years. I have conducted online training sessions for teachers in Texas in Project Share. I have also function as a Spanish AP Lit Exam rater for 3 years and Team Leader rater for the Texas LOTE Pedagogy Teachers Exam. I am very well verse with modern technologies and I use them in the classroom. I have sponsor and organized a Chess Club and a Japanese Club in my old brick and mortar school. In 2012 I started teaching Spanish online at Connections Education. It has been a wonderful journey full of great opportunities and new challenges. Teaching Spanish in any environment invigorates me and provides me with an incredible joy. I love to see how the students gain new insights, become more interested in the Spanish language and culture, and learn about themselves. I like to foster the students' creativity, help with the development of their character, specially I love to give students another lens with which to view the world they live in and provide them with the skills they need to reach their full potential and lead productive lives knowing another language. Teaching Spanish to online students allows me to make a positive contribution to the future of these students. It is my prayer that with this knowledge the Lord Jesus & the Holy Spirit can develop and nurture in my students a better equip servant of the Almighty God and Creator. I put myself in God's hands and I will push my students with the Lord's guidance to help them explore this world using the Spanish language, in their lives, as tool to strengthen their faith, and to thing outside themselves in another language. Also I hope that God uses me to ignite in them a passion for learning in all subjects and to help them discover the gifts and skills God has given them.


Spanish Instructor


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