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World History Syllabus

Course Introduction

The purpose of the World History course is to develop greater understanding of the evolution of global processes and contacts, in interaction with different styles of human societies.  This understanding is advanced through a combination of selective factual knowledge and appropriate analytical skills.  The course highlights the nature of changes in international frameworks and their causes and consequences, as well as comparisons among major societies.

Course Description

The first semester examines historiography, the origin of man, ancient civilizations of the Near East, Far East, as well as South Asian, Greek, and Roman locations. Particular emphasis will be given to the growth of Christianity, the development of the Byzantine Empire and the spread of Islam as they provide a transition between the ancient and medieval worlds.   Students will then move on to the centuries of the Middle Ages covering topics such as the feudalism, the Renaissance, Reformation, and international commercialism in world trade networks.  The second semester spans the Mongol Empire, the rise of nation-states, exploration, colonization and the religious and political changes at the dawn of the early modern era.  

This is a yearlong course consisting of 12 units.  Upon successful completion students will receive 1 credit towards high school graduation.

Course Overview

Semester 1

  • Origins through Middle Eastern Early Civilizations
  • South Asian Civilizations Emerge
  • Far East Civilizations Emerge
  • Greco-Roman World and Christian Origins
  • Early Middle Ages: Religious and Economic Expansion
  • The High and Late Middle Ages: Commercialism and Expansion

Semester 2

  • The High and Late Middle Ages: Mongols
  • American Beginnings and European Maritime Expansion
  • Early Modern Beginnings
  • Empire Building: In the West 
  • Empire Building: In the East
  • Revolutions

Required Course Materials

Please access the list of course materials from the OC Online book ordering system and order your materials as soon as possible. Oftentimes, course materials are on back order and you may experience a delay in receiving them, causing students to fall behind in their online coursework. When ordering used or rented materials, be careful that online access codes are also current.

Methods of Instruction

Students will experience a variety of learning modalities.  Beyond the traditional text reading, quizzing and testing, students will interact with other classmates in discussion forums as well as synchronous sessions (explained below). Guided instruction will include researching information throughout the course as the internet provides a plethora of research opportunities to expand the understanding of the historical and cultural dynamics of the world’s varied societies.  Geographic literacy will be enhanced through working with maps and Cengage CourseMate’s Google Earth and Traveler exercises. 

Methods of Evaluation

Students will demonstrate mastery through the following formative and summative assessments:

  • 40%       Assignments
  • 10%           Participation (Discussion Posts, Synchronous Sessions)
  • 10%           Quizzes
  • 25%           Final Exam
  • 15%           Unit Tests 

Course Policies:

Proctored Final Exams

Grading Policy

Course Expectations

Weekly Live Classes

Additional School Policies

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