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United States History Syllabus

Course Introduction 

History is the story of God himself, in our understanding of time and space, through the person of His Son on earth and in the work of His Spirit through the ages.  Think of the word history as really two words “His-(s) tory”. An understanding of the influence of Christianity in history is not a luxury but a necessity.  The very foundation and success of the United States is founded on Judeo-Christian values.  The influence of God in our history is inescapable no matter how much secular humanist scholars attempt to blot it out.  To help students become effective citizens of a diverse and democratic society through a developed understanding of where we, as a nation, come from, a sense of historical memory and perspective as well as the tools to become independent learners of history are necessary for the important critical thinking skills which are necessary for a free democratic society to survive. 

Course Description

This course will be a study of the United States History starting with the founding of the New World and concluding with Contemporary Issues. The course will move at a survey pace up to the late 19th Century; then it will slow down and go into greater depth with the 20th century. The hope is that the student will gain an understanding of the background of events in U.S History and how they relate to events today. It is vital for students to understand the historical, social, and cultural context of events and actions throughout our history.  To ensure that students will see historical happenings through the context of the time, and not the judgmental hindsight of modern revisionist history, we will study not only “chronos”, time that can be measured, but also the “kairos”, time that is laden with meaning.  

This is a yearlong course consisting of 10 units.  Upon successful completion students will receive 1 credit towards high school graduation.

Course Overview

Semester 1

  • Three Worlds Meet
  • Revolution and the New Nation
  • American Nationalism
  • Sectionalism Shatters Unity
  • America Emerges into the Modern World  

Semester 2 

  • Imperialism and World War One
  • Prosperity and Depression
  • World War II and Cold War
  • America under Stress
  • Closing the Twentieth Century

Required Course Materials

Please access the list of course materials from the OC Online book ordering system and order your materials as soon as possible. Oftentimes, course materials are on back order and you may experience a delay in receiving them, causing students to fall behind in their online coursework. When ordering used or rented materials, be careful that online access codes are also current.

Methods of Instruction

Students will experience a variety of learning modalities.  Beyond the traditional text reading, quizzing and testing, students will interact with other classmates in discussion forums as well as synchronous sessions (explained below). Guided instruction will include researching information throughout the course as the internet provides a plethora of research opportunities to expand the understanding of the historical and cultural dynamics of the world’s varied societies.  Geographic literacy will be enhanced through working with maps. 

Methods of Evaluation

Students will demonstrate mastery through the following formative and summative assessments:

  • 40%       Assignments
  • 10%           Participation (Discussion Posts, Synchronous Sessions)
  • 10%           Quizzes
  • 25%           Final Exam
  • 15%           Unit Tests

Course Policies:

Proctored Final Exams

Grading Policy

Course Expectations

Weekly Live Classes

Additional School Policies

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