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Latest news releases spotlighting the accomplishments of the students and staff of Oaks Christian Online. While pursuing their online high school courses, our students take advantage of the flexibility to dedicate a significant amount of time to their outside endeavors.  This has resulted in outstanding achievements in athletics, charity, the arts, and many areas of community and faith-based involvement that dovetail into their coursework, including AP classes online. We hope you enjoy reading about the impressive accomplishments they have acheived while attending our high school online.

Yoona Chang joined Oaks Christian Online half way through her sophomore year in order to pursue her dream of becoming a golf professional and complete her American diploma online. Yoona is from West Hills, CA, but her family is from Seoul, Korea, and they knew about the rise of women golfers from the more than 500 golf academies there. While Yoona has only been playing for a year, she attended her first junior tournament in Korea’s Jeju Island in April of this year. Her score was not what she had hoped for, but she states, “There are so many good women golfers in Korea; it makes me realize that if I keep it up, I will get better.”

During the school year, Yoona goes to the Korea Golf Academy where practice can be all day. Playing on a course is very expensive in Korea, so practice usually consists of lots of time on the driving range and perfecting her swing. She has been in the United States for the summer where all day practice is followed by going on a course each evening. “I like playing here for the space and expense, but my instructor, Kim Haksu is in Korea,” she says. Yoona started playing Varsity golf for El Camino High School in West Hills as a freshman, and she found out that she had a natural ability for the game. She realizes that in Korea many of the women in junior golf academies do not go to school, but if she wants an American diploma and to go to an American university, she has to work extra hard to do both her sport and her college-preparatory, high school courses.

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Oaks Christian Online High School’s Operations Manager, Stephanie Pope, will be speaking at the SoCal CanvasCon event on August 4th, in Huntington Beach, CA. The event is put on by Instructure, makers of the award-winning, cloud-based, learning management system (LMS) Canvas and will be attended by hundreds of Southern California K-12 schools and Canvas users. The event is an opportunity for schools to share best practices in online and blended learning while finding out the newest features of the popular LMS.

Stephanie’s presentation, “Put your Best Face Forward”, will focus on visually-enhanced, online curriculum through the medium of embedded video. Stephanie gained valuable and practical insights into moving a course from print-rich to video-friendly, while creating an accredited American Sign Language 1 course that will launch this fall. Stephanie is an ASL teacher and wanted to make this valuable language skill available to students at Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, CA, as well as to students around the world through Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO). She has worked to incorporate regular videos and interactive learning experiences through a Canvas connection with zaption.com. OCO’s Director of Curriculum and Operations, Christy Cleugh, says, “The ASL 1 class is going to be one of the most dynamic and visually appealing of all of our online high school courses.”

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Online high school students from around the country will fly in and participate in events that celebrate their 100% college acceptance.

Westlake Village, CA – June 3, 2015

Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO) is hosting its first-ever, on-campus graduation events for online students from around the country. The events will begin on Thursday, June 11th, on the Oaks Christian campus in Westlake Village, CA, with a welcome reception and Baccalaureate. Although many of the college preparatory students have gotten to know each other well in their online courses over the last four years, for many of them, this will be their first time meeting face to face. On Friday, June 12th, parents and students will join for a senior breakfast before the graduates head to Six Flags Magic Mountain and then a dinner and dance event. Finally, the seniors will have a formal commencement and receive their Oaks Christian Online High School diplomas on the Oaks Christian campus on Saturday, June 13th.

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