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Oaks Christian Online (OCO) writes online curriculum that aligns with its prestigious, college preparatory school in Westlake Village, CA. The UC system has just approved the online OCO World History course for its A-G course list, and Christian Name is taking the rigorous online course while traveling and seeing the world first hand. Christian has been traveling his entire life. His dad was an Argentinian actor who now works for one of the largest telecommunications companies in South America. Christian’s mom is the Director for the Office of the Founder for the Jane Goodall Institute. Christian is currently living in Southern California while his parents get ready to relocate, and he will be traveling on his own to Panama in November to meet up with his mom, who he has not seen for several months. The Jane Goodall institute is a global non-profit founded by the renowned anthropologist, Jane Goodall, and it empowers people – especially young people – to make a difference. His mom is in Panama with the institute for the November Earthtrain webcast on bio-cultural leadership. Christian knows Jane Goodall well, as she has served as his adopted grandmother. “I know that Jane is inspiring to many people, but to me she is my grandma. We call and Skype, and she cracks down on my online homeschool work.