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Why Partner

When selecting a blended learning solution, distinctions matter inside a virtual Christian school. Your own school is unique and deserves online learning courses provided by an organization that fits your needs, cares about your goals, addresses your concerns, and supports your students. Oaks Christian School is like you, and as part of a physical campus, Oaks Christian Online understands the challenges of private schools and their students.

Oaks Christian School Online


Oaks Christian Online’s priority is your school and the specific needs of your students. We recognize that you may want varying levels of control, oversight, input and customization based on your goals and available resources. Our virtual Christian school takes time to understand your goals and find ways to get you to achieve them. There’s not just one way to do this right, and we have built our Christian school online program to be truly flexible for that reason.


As an extension of Oaks Christian School, we have successfully navigated the spectrum of educational offerings like fully online, hybrid learning, blended learning solutions, and supplemental online learning to a physical campus, discovering what works best to promote student success.

Our connection to the Oaks Christian campus in California expands our pool of experts in curriculum and instruction to further enhance the online learning experience and achieve collaborative goals.


When it comes to your students’ experience, it is important that their online learning environment feels like ‘home’. Oaks Christian Online provides custom branding to create a recognizable learning environment for your students. A true partnership allows the look and feel of your program while leveraging the expertise of ours. This co-branded approach means you can offer your own online program, powered by Oaks Christian Online.

Offering virtual remote learning options can also be a catalyst in retaining more of your existing student population. And, we can work closely with you to help you achieve your financial objectives without sacrificing academic standards or quality.

Finding a credible Christian school online that offers flexibility, accessibility, and rigorous course content is rare. The programs offered through Oaks Christian Online School are well organized and the faculty and support staff ensured that our students were able to successfully complete each course. Collaborating with administrative and technical staff, our school was in constant communication about student progress and able to navigate student individual needs. – Hyunja Yi, Village Christian School


OC Online teachers demonstrate a deep culture of care for students through frequent feedback and communication, live instruction, and personal connections. Our teachers adopt a relational pedagogy, bridging the geographical distance that occurs in all online courses with grace and truth. 


Effective blended learning programs aren’t built overnight and learning online isn’t just about delivering content on a screen by turning pages. Oaks Christian Online is built around live instruction and personal feedback along with rich Oaks Christian Schools’ written curriculum to ensure students have a positive, college prep learning experience.

FAITH Matters

Our unique approach to theological engagement affords us the opportunity to explore and support each school’s perspective without compromising beliefs. We guide dialogue with students to reinforce and better understand their personal faith through meaningful conversations with teachers and interaction with curriculum content.


We get it. Your students are asking for more courses and we can help you offer it to them. Our virtual Christian school’s blended learning solutions can help you give your students access to 195 courses, 17 AP courses, and even Dual Credit options through 6 universities and colleges. Our offering go beyond just that, contact us to find out more.

It has been a pleasure partnering and working with OC Online to provide outstanding Christian online classes for our international students. OC Online teachers and administration have been proactively communicative and genuinely caring with both our students and our administration throughout our partnership. I highly recommend OC Online for any Christian school that has academic needs. - Caroline Kirchner, Director of Residence Life, Monte Vista Christian School


We understand the challenges when a teacher leaves unexpectedly, or you don’t have enough space in your facility to add more classes. What about when you want to offer more electives or more challenging courses, but financially, it doesn’t make sense to increase the staff?

Whatever your reason may be, we are here to help navigate each unique situation. Our virtual Christian school can step in when needed and keep your year running smoothly or we can work with you to serve your students without having to increase staff.


Oaks Christian Online offers accredited and UC (a-g) & NCAA-approved courses along with a support system that allows partner schools and families to focus on meeting the needs of their students. Through our wide array of 100% online virtual Christian school course offerings, including AP, Electives, and Foreign Language such as American Sign Language, Oaks Christian Online bolsters current learning options and makes for a robust educational experience.

What I like about Oaks Christian Online is that there is a representative who is attentive to our students' needs and partners with our administration to make sure our students are receiving a quality educational experience. We partner with OC Online because...[w]e don’t always have space or enough demand from students to offer certain courses that a small percentage of our students are interested in taking. Partnering with Oaks Christian allows us to offer high quality, academically rigorous courses to our students who desire to challenge themselves with courses that we don’t have the ability to offer locally onsite. - Wally Hirsch, Pacifica Christian High School - Santa Monica, CA

COST Matters

Our blended learning solutions can help you save money while expanding your courses. In turn, this can increase the number of students you are able to serve. You save by partnering with us because we provide the teachers, the 100% online courses, and the remote support to make it a success for you.

Offering virtual remote learning options can also be a catalyst in retaining more of your existing student population. And, we can work closely with you to help you achieve your financial objectives without sacrificing academic standards or quality.

Cost per course varies from $545 – $595 per semester. Discounts may be available based on your school tuition and the number of enrollments. Contact us for more information about pricing options.

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