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College Counseling

Online College Prep Classes

    We have designed a 9-course package that can help you navigate the college-entry journey and find the best fit for you. Take any or all of the online college prep classes here:
  • College Counseling 1 What Colleges Want
    Helps students understand how colleges evaluate candidates for admission and how to position yourself for acceptance.
  • College Counseling 2 Understanding Your College Choices
    Students learn about colleges beyond what they might expect or know, to determine the best fit for them.
  • College Counseling 3 College Test Prep (2 Semesters)
    ACT & SAT Test Prep Experts guide students through the preparation process for taking the ACT or SAT.
  • College Counseling 4 College Application Strategy
    Students develop a Plan for 6-10 colleges and a timeline for application submission.
  • College Counseling 5 Application Writing
    We take students through the application process, generating drafts that can be used for the Common App, UC applications, and essays.
  • College Counseling 6 Finishing Strong
    We guide students step-by-step through the application process, finalizing testing, and submission of key documents for each college.
  • College Counseling 7 Paying for College
    Students learn the different types of financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
  • College Counseling Athletic Recruiting
    Students understand the recruiting process, NCAA eligibility, and develop an athletic resume.
  • College Counseling Visual and Performing Arts
    Students create a portfolio, determine whether to attend art school or college, and learn the differences between Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees. (Coming Soon!)