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It is the goal of the College Counseling program at OCO to help students find the colleges and universities that best suit their individual needs. This is a process that requires getting to know the individual students, understanding their personal goals and objectives, assessing their academic achievement and potential for growth, and understanding the priorities of the family.

We understand that applying to college is a turning point in every student's life. OCO’s staff of experienced College Counselors will walk each online college prep student through the college search and application process beginning in 9th grade and finishing with a decision in the spring of 12th grade. The College Counseling program has a deliberate focus that is appropriate for the age and maturity of each online college prep student and provides a thorough understanding of what is required to successfully navigate the admissions process in a timely fashion. The focus of study is as follows:

  • Setting up for success (9th)
  • Understanding myself (10th)
  • Investigating my options (11th)
  • Taking charge of the process and finishing well (12th)

Our objective is to demystify the potentially intimidating college search and application process. Our counselors will teach online college prep students where they have an opportunity and responsibility to control the process and will train our online Christian high school students to effectively exert that control. At the same time, we understand that this transition is a family decision, and we invite parents to work alongside of us to prepare online college prep students to make the transition from adolescence to adulthood -- the goal that college matriculation represents in our society today.