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Faculty and Staff Directory

At Oaks Christian Online, all part-time and full-time students will have access to our Christian teachers, our admissions counselors, and the technical support team. Full-time students will have the added benefit of access to an expanded staff, support team for added success. This team includes spiritual life advisors and college counselors.

The Mission of our Faculty and Staff:

  • To be a “living curriculum,” to care for and mentor students
  • To build stronger one-on-one relationships with students
  • To give practical advice and to help students become more successful in meeting academic goals
  • To provide an extra resource for students exploring their own faith
  • To become an advocate for students during the college application process
  • To link students with extra resources such as tutoring or counseling if necessary
  • To establish and support excellence in curriculum, support, and overall user experience

Faculty and Staff:

Teachers: Oaks Christian Online instructors are highly-qualified, Christian teachers. We are able to select teachers based off of their qualifications, and are able to provide a great deal of knowledge, instruction, and learning to our students.

College Counselors: For full-time students, OCO college counselors provide a four-year, non-credit course that incrementally guides students through the college preparation and application process. Our counselors have extensive relationships with colleges across the country and can help guide students to not only the best colleges in the country, but more importantly, to the best college for them. Counselors will also conduct yearly college field trips.

Spiritual Life Advisors: For full-time students, our spiritual life advisors provide a yearly non-credit course with opportunities for students to participate in weekly chapels, individual and face-to-face community service and outreach, and spiritual advising.

Admissions Counselors: Our admissions counselors will help guide both full-time and part-time students through the process of applying at OCO and course enrollment.

Technical Support: Students and parents can access technical support through the online learning management system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.