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Bible courses are factored into a student’s GPA while Spiritual Life courses and JIMS are pass/no pass classes.

(Jesus in Middle School)
A gathering place for middle school students to explore life and faith grounded in Jesus’ commandment to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves
Bible 1: “Old Testament”
Offers an introduction to the Old Testament and preliminary thoughts on the Bible as inspired and authoritative

Spiritual Life 1: “Introduction to Faith”
Introduces basic and foundational Christian encounters, experiences, and theology under the premise that a lived faith utilizes the head (understanding), heart (feeling), and hands (service)
Bible 2: “Jesus and the Gospels”
Highlights major aspects of Jesus, the kingdom of God, and the gospels from a textual and discipleship perspective
Spiritual Life 2: “Jesus in the World”
Provides personal, local, and global reflection upon and engagement with Christ
Bible 3: “The Spiritual Disciplines”
Introduces spiritual theology and practice through the examination and practice of the spiritual disciplines and historical theologians
Spiritual Life 3: “Tough Questions”
Offers students a meaningful opportunity to explore common spiritual, personal, and theological nature doubts

Bible 4: “Thinking Christianly”
Gives students language, experience, and texts to begin to develop a working and comprehensive understanding of Christian theology and practice
Spiritual Life 4: “Faith Beyond High School”
Challenges students to consider what a lifelong faith could look like after Oaks
Senior Bible Seminar Elective
(Juniors and Seniors)
Explores multiple dimensions of faith and culture through discussion and individualized project based reflection
Models of Christian Service in Film Elective
(Juniors, and Seniors)
Examines various cinematic presentations of service through a Christian lens
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