Oaks Christian Online School

A Christian, Independent, College-preparatory Online School and Founder of the Online Christian Consortium


The mission of Oaks Christian is to equip students to have a mind for leadership and a heart for service. To that end, our spiritual life course is an important element of the Oaks Christian Online experience, addressing the whole student--not simply the mind, but the heart as well. Our mission statement reflects the traditional Christian pursuit of loving God with all our heart, soul and mind as we dedicate ourselves to Christ through the pursuit of academic excellence, athletic distinction and artistic expression. We honor and respect that every student is on their own unique spiritual journey, and hope to give all students at Oaks ongoing opportunities to discover their own personal relationship with God. This is done through an engaging curriculum, weekly live sessions with spiritual life advisors, chapels, student discussions, and service opportunities--both locally and abroad. Within their various courses, teachers are the “living curriculum” of the school as they model character, a love for God, and a passion to engage students with truth through a Christian worldview.

While completing 20 hours of community service per year (10 hours per semester), students will be guided through a socially-interactive course that focuses on a directed Bible curriculum, accompanying chapels and grade-level specific assignments and discussions. It is designed to be accessible and developmentally appropriate as students move through their years at OCO.

The Spiritual Life course is an anchor for students in their social and spiritual development and gives them space to experience a true community of faith.

Yearly themes include:

  • Introduction to Faith (9th)
  • Jesus in the World (10th)
  • Tough Questions (11th)
  • Faith Beyond High School (12th)

Philosophy of the Spiritual Life Course

At Oaks Christian, we believe that the good news Jesus announced two thousand years ago remains the best news humanity has ever received. That gospel of God's love and mercy toward us is what drives all we do as a school. We acknowledge that every student is on their own spiritual journey, coming from different backgrounds, understandings and convictions, and seek to approach spiritual matters with respect for a variety of viewpoints. Some students will never accept Christ as their own personal Savior; some may become missionaries to the world. Wherever students are in their journey, we hope to give them excellent opportunities to see the love of Christ within our lives, our classes, and our students. OCO understands that the transformation of the hearts of our students is not changed by our own efforts, by direct biblical appeals, or by the strictest of rules, but always and only by the work of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to create an environment in which individuals are respected and given every opportunity to pursue a deeper knowledge of the God of grace and love.