The grading policy for Oaks Christian Online is as follows:

Grading Periods and Reports – Semester grades are the official grades recorded on the student’s transcript. The school does not issue progress grades, but all grades can be reviewed regularly in the student information system.

Grade Point Averages (GPA) – Grades are computed using the following:

 Letter % GPA Honors
 A  93-100  4.0  5.0
 A-  90 – 92.9  3.7  4.7
 B+  87 – 89  3.3  4.3
 B  83 – 86.9  3.0  4.0
 B-  80 – 82.9  2.7  3.7
 C+  77 – 79.9  2.3  3.3
 C  73 – 76.9  2.0  3.0
 C-  70 – 72.9  1.7  2.7
 D+  67 – 69.9  1.3  1.3
 D  63 – 66.9  1.0  1.0
 D-  60 – 62.9  0.7  0.7
 F  59.9 and below  0.0  0.0

Grades and Grading Policy – Grades assigned to a student’s work indicate progress and achievement. Only those grades earned at the conclusion of each semester are recorded on a student’s transcript. The following is a definition of each grade as a description of a student’s performance in a course:
A - The student’s preparation and work is superior in its power, thoroughness, and precision.
B - The student’s work is effective and demonstrates success in comprehension, application and analysis. The student’s work shows a competent understanding of much of the material of the course.
C - The student has met the requirements of the course and has been issued passing credit.
D - The student acquired most aspects of the course material but has not demonstrated effective and complete understanding or application. Passing credit given.
F - The student has not progressed in understanding course material and/or meeting course objectives and will not receive credit for the course.
There is a great difference between a passing grade (D- and above) and a college-recommending grade. For instance, a college may rescind the offer of placement to a student whose grade in any subject falls to a C or below. Also, the University of California and Cal State Universities do not recognize an English course in which the student received a “D”. From the beginning, therefore, students should work for the highest grade within their reach. Failure to log into class regularly or failure to seek extra help may seriously affect one’s grade in a course. This jeopardizes their future at OCOS and seriously limits their college options.