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OC Online facilitates seamless partnership with public and private schools across the globe offering students a flexible, fully online, Christian college-preparatory education. With an NCAA and UC approved curriculum, OC Online’s high school program is one of the best in the country.

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“Why should your school partner with OC Online?”

Cost Savings - Online and blended courses make financial sense when trying to meet specific needs for small groups of students with no additional fees other than tuition and materials.

Maximize Resources - OC Online allows partner schools to maximize their full-time faculty resources in required and other popular courses, and to minimize the need to offer courses in face-to-face mode for small numbers of students. Here are top reasons why schools should partner with us:

Expand Course Offerings – We offer College Counseling, Level 1-4 Foreign Language Courses, Honors/AP courses, Dual Enrollment Options, and UC/NCAA approved courses to provide your students with the options they need to succeed.

Flexible Learning Options – Our flexible offerings provide unique and innovative for your unique students and provides them with opportunities to develop new skills like time management, independent learning, and technology tools.

Unique Solutions for Unique Situations – Students can take 1-7 courses per semester for credit recovery, differentiated instruction, illness recovery, academic or professional focus, small class size, weekly live instruction, and flexible pacing.  If you have an academic need that you need an innovative academic solution for, we can help!

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OC Online helps schools plan strategically for the future. Partner schools are supported through efficient course planning and design; richer, leveled and shared course offerings; outreach to local students in their geographic sphere of influence; and summer school offerings. Finally, OC Online provides the ability to address what students and parents are requesting in terms of flexibility and autonomy in their educational careers. 

The organization’s vision is that our courses provide an education that uplifts, transforms and inspires students around the world and that its community model of teaching and learning cultivates a discussion of what it means to be in the world, and to be human.

If you’d like more information about how we can partner with you to support your schools mission and vision, fill out the form at the side of the page, give us a call at 818-575-9299 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

OC Online looks forward to partnering with your school.

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