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Student Performers

Aspiring professional student-performers enrolled at Oaks Christian Online enjoy a flexible study schedule that allows time each day to study, audition, rehearse and work. The OCO curriculum and assignments are guided by a set pace, but the late policy allows for flexibility while still working with a cohort of students, so travel and being on set and/or stage doesn't interfere with success in the classroom.

All of our OCO students are college-bound, serious students -- many of whom are pursuing an outside dream in performing arts. At Oaks Christian Online, we understand the commitment you make as a family when your student is an aspiring actor or musician. We understand the scheduling challenges that exist when trying to balance schoolwork with auditions, lessons, training, and rehearsals -- particularly with long-term or recurring roles or projects. We are prepared to work with you to create a schedule that best fits your individual needs and allows your child to be a successful student and still pursue his/her dream as a student-performer. We will help set academic goals and a customized daily plan, so your student stays on pace for successful course completion and graduation. Success on stage should never be at the expense of success in the classroom. Allow us to work with your student-performer to customize a plan that allows him/her to fully pursue their dreams.

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