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Student Athletes

Elite student-athletes enrolled at Oaks Christian Online enjoy a flexible study schedule that allows time each day to work with coaches, trainers, and teammates. The OCO curriculum and assignments are guided, but self-paced, so game-day and tournament travel doesn't interfere with success in the classroom. All of our OCO students are college-bound, serious students -- many of whom are pursuing outside athletic talents and dreams.

At Oaks Christian Online, we understand the commitment you make as a family when your student is an elite athlete. We understand the scheduling challenges that exist when trying to balance schoolwork with personal training, practice, competition and travel -- particularly with seasonal sports. We are prepared to work with you to create a schedule that best fits your individual needs and allows your child to be a successful student/recruited athlete. We will help set academic goals and a customized daily plan, so your student stays on pace for successful course completion, graduation, and/or future college recruitment.

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