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Oaks Christian Online (OCO) offers full-time and part-time online college preparatory courses. Many students are finding it difficult, however, to find an accredited, affordable solution for remediating a failed grade. OCO has helped hundreds of students with a first semester, second semester or full-year course remediation. Students are noticing that because the course has already been taken once, they often understand the content more readily the second time through. OCO does not have a mastery based system, but students do have the ability to repeat the course in its entirety along with a cohort of students during one of the following traditional terms: Summer, Fall, or Spring. This additional time with the subject, plus a caring, credentialed, available instructor can often make the difference in the student’s grade.

Students should be sure to check with their local school counselor for approval of course placement. Also, to successfully complete our online college prep program, students should be prepared to study approximately 5 hours per week over 18 weeks for a semester-long course, complete work by due dates and maintain contact with their course instructor. OCO is committed to getting completed grade transcripts to a student's home school in a timely manner.

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