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There are many benefits for International students attending an American online high school like Oaks Christian Online. Many International students find that an American online high school serves as an introduction to American life and culture. An American online high school provides an opportunity for International students to interact with American high school students and become academically and socially prepared before entering a US college. An American high school online, such as Oaks Christian Online (OCO), provides rigorous, college-preparatory, online coursework to students all over the world. Often compared to a homeschool academy online, OCO uses a fully online, web-based learning management system that allows students to study and work from anywhere in the world where they can access the internet. Many International students study year-round with Oaks Christian Online, while other students attend our online summer high school. While some courses (particularly Advanced Placement courses) require additional textbooks, most of these are available as e-books for download in remote locations. Also, the majority of American high school online courses are self-contained. Teachers and students continue to interact regularly through Skype, in their online classroom and JoinMe. Both full-time students and online summer high school students working in remote locations enjoy interacting with other students in the course by chat and discussions. OCO has been successful in work with students in China, India, Australia, and throughout the world. Regardless of time zones, students enjoy getting to interact globally – much like an International homeschool academy online.

International students receive English language training through immersion in both coursework and classroom discussions. Additionally, OCO’s four year college counseling course helps prepare International students for the college application and selection process in the United States. Applying from an accredited US online high school may later make the college application process easier, clearer, and less time intensive. Also, International students studying with an American online high school, similar to a homeschool academy online, become accustomed to American-style teaching, classroom discussions/interactions, and coursework. The social aspect of student life in online summer high school or full-time high school is an additional benefit to International students. As students become acquainted with American customs, habits, student behaviors and culture, the transition to college should later become much easier.

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