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Homeschooling Online

OCO curriculum is structured, but like homeschooling, allows for flexible student pacing--it's like homeschooling online. OCO online homeschool Christian courses allow part-time students to choose from a wide selection of core subjects and electives, and our online homeschool full-time students also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, discussions, field trips and real-life learning experiences. In addition to core subjects and electives, every full-time online homeschool student is enrolled in a four year college counseling course designed to prepare them for successful college matriculation. Full-time students also enroll in a spiritual life course that is interactive and designed to deepen each student’s personal faith. Building on the best practices of our highly successful main campus school, Oaks Christian Online offers homeschool students rigorous, Biblically integrated, accredited coursework presented from a Christian worldview.

Online High School

Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO) provides a rigorous and challenging college preparatory education for online high school students in a Christian environment. Through Christian distance learning, our online high school courses have become a growing solution for college bound, homeschool students seeking expanded coursework, enrichment and advanced placement. Homeschool parents will continue to be involved in their children’s education, but the challenges of planning lessons, grading assignments, and assuring accurate testing can now be managed by attentive OCO teachers and staff. This alternative is viewed by many of our student families as homeschooling online.

Christian Distance Learning

At this time we are enrolling online summer high school, part-time and full-time students. To speak with an OCO faculty member about supplementing your homeschool through Christian distance learning, please complete the inquiry form to the right or consider attending an information session to find out more about Christian distance learning.