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Oaks Christian Online high school is so much more than just a great Christian distance learning program; it's a vibrant and engaging school culture where students from all over the world can meet to share their academic passions. Full-time students have many social opportunities to be involved in life outside of their academic classes. Students can participate in virtual events such as clubs, online discussions, online orientation and virtual assemblies. Clubs have been offered each year based on student interest and may include the following:

  • Student Council
  • Performer’s Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Sports Club
  • Photography
  • Fine Arts
  • Spiritual Life
  • Computer

Students will also be able to meet face to face for several events throughout the year, including a kick-off picnic, Southern-California based community service projects, a week-long college tour, junior/senior Prom, distance mission trips, and graduation. Parents can also participate in monthly Online Parent-Teacher Fellowship meetings and can listen to monthly recordings of chapels, leadership forums, and parent spotlight on college events. This truly is Christian distance learning with a very personal focus.

Click the link to find out about activities in Spiritual Life or College Counseling. Also, current events will be listed on students’ homepage in their secure learning management system login.

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