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Julia Conoscenti
Class Of:
Thousand Oaks
One of my main interests through most of my life was anything and everything that involved film. I was enraptured by the way they were able to bring these creations to life amongst the screen and move an audience. I knew from the moment I was little that I wanted to be involved in the film industry someway, so I spent most of my time acting, writing songs, singing, taking dance classes. Most of my hobbies/interests revolved around the Arts. I also ran Track & Field for ten years.
Where you are now and what you are doing?:
I am currently going to Moorpark college for a year with aspirations to go to a film school after, possibly in Vancouver or New York. My family and I are in the middle of filming a brand new show, and I am pursuing internships for Broadcast journalism.
How did you grow and what did you learn from being an oco student?:
It’s amazing to physically witness my own growth and my own sense of self that came from being a OCO student. OCO helped shaped me in ways that prepared me for the toughness of the world and the physically and mental challenged of a University. They guided me through out the years, helping me set up a foundation for me and my future. It was great to see other people who expressed the same interests I did for I was able to learn from them and their crafts. The teachers were the most supportive, caring people I have encountered and they were always there to help pray and guide you. I will take their strong words of wisdom and intellect and use them with me through out my career.



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