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Andrés (Andy) Aragón
Class Of:
I like movies. I feel like I can’t say more after that! Video games are fun, love adventuring, I golf a little, and I’m an amateur photographer, but the only thing that I like more than watching movies is making them.
Where you are now and what you are doing?:
I’ve been in the LA area for about 5 years. Moved out here to act but after a few years of constant scrutiny, either I was too nerdy for the cute guy, or too cute for the nerdy guy, I felt my skills would be better used behind the camera. I’m a cinematographer. I’ve always loved technology, cameras, lenses and the power that a frame or image can have on someones emotion and conscious. However, because im still in school, I don't have the skill to shoot a full production, so I work as a camera assistant! I’m a 1st Assistant Cameraman. It sounds like I'm someones assistant, I kinda am, but I’m in charge of the camera department. It’s a key position. I make sure everything is in order with the camera, set up per the cinematographers specifications, and while the camera is rolling I pull focus and make sure that what we want to see is crisp and in focus. On occasion, I’ll be a 2nd AC. That’s that person that slates the shots and assists the first with lenses, batteries, and other camera needs. I’ve been doing it for about a year and apparently it’s rare for someone my age to have a position like this. But I must be doing something right if they keep calling me in!
How did you grow and what did you learn from being an oco student?:
It’s a different situation. I think all OCO Student do online because they have a passion or skill that they are trying to develop and need the extra time. I needed flexibility in my schedule while acting. As I transitioned over to cinematography, I used the time I had at home to stock up in knowledge about camera, lenses, lights, and films in general. In my occasion, the ‘college prep’ came in two way. Academically, I wasn’t shocked at all by the work load. OCO teachers make sure that you get your work out in high school so that college can be a breeze. But I also experienced that because I had the extra time I was ahead of many of my class mates, and even super class men, in my film classes. That freedom to focus on what I wanted to do allowed me to advance greatly. It was tough, though! Online isn't for everyone. First of, you’re teaching yourself most of the time, and second you have to be on top of your deadlines or else assignments will stack up and next thing you know the two week late deadline is right around the corner! (Mrs. Farinacci was great at reminding me about that…) Regardless of the struggles you may face with the course work, it’s a great environment. The teachers are extremely encouraging, the students are all in the same situation so we definite understand each other, and you get to learn at your own space. Whether you’re a fast learner and hate the hassle of other students slowing you down, or you like to take your sweat time to soak it all in, online classes give you the liberty to learn your own way.



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