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Taylor Hein
Soccer, Writing, Film.
Where you are now and what you are doing?:
I am currently attending Chapman University. I will be taking advantage of numerous internship opportunities in the film and television industry this fall. I continue to pursue a career in screenwriting.
How did you grow and what did you learn from being an oco student?:
I grew through both the academic rigor of OCO and the opportunities for spiritual growth cultivated by the courses and the caring faculty. I grew up in a Christian family; I learned about Scripture and theology from a young age. However, at Oaks, I learned that my faith is not transferable. This intimate relationship that we have with Christ as believers cannot be inherited from our parents, but rather it is an independent spiritual journey that we must embark on ourselves. This was my biggest journey and transformative experience throughout my four years at the school. OCO provides students with an incredibly nourishing environment to excel in your studies while being able to develop and explore your faith. Essentially, I excelled academically because I was growing spiritually. The teachers and faculty not only care about your mind, but they are concerned with your heart above all else. I learned about Christ at OCO, but one of the foremost aspects of scholastic success that I have learned from being a student at OCO is how to have an unrelenting work ethic in spite of tempting and easy opportunities to procrastinate. Attending online school requires amazing self-motivation. To bring yourself to sit down at your computer everyday and carry out your coursework with focus and drive was no easy task. So, going into college having mastered this makes me more prepared for the workload and more capable of pursuing challenging academic and spiritual endeavors. I feel completely ready for college, which is a rarity for high schoolers.