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Jack Hein
Class Of:
Jack: Rugby, cooking, and growing succulents
Where you are now and what you are doing?:
I am currently attending Colorado mesa University and working on getting my bachelor’s degree in marketing as well as playing for the school’s rugby team, and beginning the possess of going to play ruby abroad and gaining internships to help start my professional career after I graduate from College.
How did you grow and what did you learn from being an oco student?:
I grew in many ways while attending OCO from improving academically, in my relationship with Christ, as well as having to dive into to the many different cultures that congregate within OCO. In my four years as a student I experienced things that would have never happened in a normal brick and mortar school, an example of this is how many OCO pushes you outside of your comfort zone by integrating you with students are from different countries and cultures. Which prepared me for college in the best way possible, being able to feel comfortable in interacting with the many different people and cultures that attend and are at my College. I was one of the original students who attended OCO and over the time I was there the faculty were more than helpful and dint just treat you as a number or as a cookie cutter student, they treated you like and individual who has their own learning needs, which prepared me for college and life.