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Oaks Christian Online (OCO) provides a private college-preparatory education for full-time and part-time online students. Both Oaks Christian main campus students and the online students are preparing for college through rigorous courses, test preparation and involved college counselors. Increasingly, though, students are wanting to follow an even more accelerated path to college. OCO's online college prep program provides many ways for advanced online private high school students to reach their college goals. This may include supplementing a student's current school's curriculum with one Advanced Placement course on an accelerated pace or taking more courses than the minimum as a full-time, online student. Taking a course requirement over the summer can also help move a student towards graduation requirements or free up their schedule to take more AP courses online during the school year. Finally, dual credit and concurrent enrollment courses allow students to get college credit at the same time as high school credit. This not only accelerates a student's high school schedule but also saves college tuition fees and time on undergraduate coursework. Dual credit courses can be taken directly through OC's online college prep program and the three universities with whom we currently have relationships. to find out more about dual credit course offerings.

Concurrent enrollment courses are also offered at the local community college. Unlike dual credit or even AP courses online, concurrent enrollment course units are automatically accepted as college credits. Finding community college limited course openings can be difficult, but Oaks Christian online private high school students have the flexibility to take these courses whenever they are offered. This is one way to meet course requirements, get ahead more quickly, and integrate into a college experience.

Oaks Christian Online is here to help every student find the courses that are right for their college needs.

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