Oaks Christian Online

|Private|Christian|Flexible Enrollment Options|Independent|College-Prep/AP/Honors Courses|

Successful OCO students should have an openness to learning from a Christian worldview and a desire to learn independent study habits while working on rigorous, college preparatory online high school courses.

OCO students should be independent learners who are motivated to succeed. Successful full-time and part-time students create daily calendars to schedule adequate time to stay on pace with their course due dates. They are proactive self-advocates who reach out by email, phone or Skype to all the members of their support team when questions arise. Students who make the most of the flexibility that homeschooling online offers also schedule social, work and hobby opportunities outside of school. These opportunities provide a balance between focused study hours and time to pursue other passions.

Successful students, however, can come to OC Online High School for many different reasons. A successful student can be…

- middle school students looking to enter a Christian college preparatory high school as a freshman

- students who have heard about Oaks Christian School’s reputation but live too far away to attend

- international students that want a U.S. diploma and preparation for a U.S. College

- students concerned about their local school environment and safety

- premiere athletes and entertainers that want to prepare for college while pursuing their dreams

- students who are gifted and want to accelerate their pace and be challenged

- homebound students--due to illness or injury--who want to keep up and excel

- students who need a little more time to master assignments

- traditional students who feel bullied or pressured in their local school

- students who want to jump-start their college education and reduce college tuition costs, by taking dual-enrollment online high school courses

- home-schooled students or students already enrolled elsewhere online that desire more academic challenge and qualified, Christian teachers to guide them

- students who need more flexibility in their schedule than traditional schools provide

- caring students who want to get involved in community service and missions opportunities

- students who love to learn and want to interact with like-minded students