All people in all places hold presuppositions around which they order their very existence. A worldview is a perspective, a set of precepts that guides our behavior, a way of thinking and doing. A Christian worldview is built on the premise that all truth is God’s truth. For if He is Sovereign Creator, then all areas of inquiry are beneficial for our edification. This translates into a desire to know and a thirst to understand humanity and the world. The facts upon which Christianity rest, as found in the scriptures and Christian doctrine, inform and make up the framework of the Christian worldview. At Oaks Christian Online, an NCAA accredited online high school, denominational differences are to be understood, while the essentials of the faith are to be celebrated. We look at all of learning and life through the following truths of scripture:Creation (humanity, made in God’s image; creation is good; innate desire to know; God’s sovereignty)

  1. The Fall (sin and its effects; death; humanity’s constant struggle with God)
  2. Redemption (of humanity back to God; the incarnation of God in Christ; salvation)
  3. Future Hope (eternity; the temporal versus eternal world; the Second Coming of Christ)

It is through these ideas that we look at art, history, science, language and English. We recognize the “common grace” (revelation of the truths of God to Christians and non-Christians alike) manifested throughout all of the created order.

What does this mean for OCO’s teachers and courses?

  • All online high school courses are taught by Christian teachers.
  • All accredited online high school courses have been reviewed for Biblical integration opportunities.
  • Prayer is incorporated into the life of the online high school.
  • Students and parents are made aware that all online high school courses, student meetings, and all aspects of the school are conducted from this Christian worldview.