Students complete semester-long courses in 18 weeks. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, students can extend the course for an additional 2 weeks. Also, students can suspend their semester-long course in the event of an emergency, but the course must be concluded during the following term within 26 weeks of the course start date.

Students are given a set pace for each semester, and those dates are loaded into their course catalog for ease of tracking, and so they can move through their course with a cohort of other students. Students do have some flexibility within the term through the use of the late policy. Students have up to two weeks after a due date to submit without penalty. Students are issued warnings at 7 days and at 14 days, and zeroes are entered for their work at 16 days. They may submit late work with a 20% penalty. Students are encouraged to stay on pace and parents (who are also loaded into Canvas with usernames and passwords) can track student work against the deadlines in the calendar. Student Advisors also aid parents and teachers in helping students stay on pace throughout the semester.