Our courses are primarily OCO original courses that are aligned with the rigorous courses offered on our main campus. We also offer award-winning Florida Virtual Schools’ curriculum and these courses have been reviewed by the teachers of Oaks Christian School main campus. Our courses are web-based, rigorous and college preparatory. Click here to access the Course Catalog with a brief course description, list of prerequisites and required materials.

Students participate in activities per quarter, based on grade level, that help them prepare for selecting their reach, target and safety college choices. A few of the many activities include preparing for SAT and ACT tests, understanding individual learning styles and talents, and visiting colleges.

Full-time students enjoy a kick-off picnic, clubs, field trips, retreats, college visits, weekly chapel discussions, and other face-to-face and virtual events. Online students will also have the time and flexibility to pursue their own passions. OCO encourages students to find a blend of online and offline activities to balance their lives. For this reason, many of our students find their experience at OCO to be one of the best accredited online high schools in the country.

Full-time students are on a traditional school year calendar. Click here, to access the school calendar. Applications are accepted for the full-time school from January – August. Part-time students can enroll on a weekly, rolling basis throughout the year for several terms offered: Summer, Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2. Online summer high school classes are also available for interested students. Click here information about the application process.

Students who decide to enroll at OCO full-time for American online high school classes should have an openness to learning from a Christian worldview and a desire to learn independent study habits while working on rigorous, college preparatory courses. Please click here to read more about our students and read testimonials stating OCO is amongst the best accredited online high schools in the country.

Our credentialed teachers for all OCO online high school classes are selected for their content knowledge, Christian worldview and dedication to their students. Our teachers go through a thorough online teaching training and engage with their students weekly through required discussions, timely grading that has significant feedback, weekly live online teaching sessions, live oral exams and through secure system email. Our teachers are also reviewed on a weekly basis and engage in an online school culture by meeting monthly with their online peers.Click here to see the some of the characteristics of an online teacher.

Part-time students taking online high school classes agree to the following school policies when they sign up for a course: Click here to see the policies. Full-time students also receive and sign a school policy handbook at the time of enrollment. Email for specific policy questions ahead of the admissions process.