It is important for each student taking high school classes online to view the materials requirements for each course. While some courses require textbooks, others require novels or additional materials that can be found at the library. AP and honors courses, may have additional requirements. Go to the Course Catalog and click on a specific course for the list of materials.

Yes. Students have the option of Advanced Placement and Dual-Credit courses with participating universities. Click here for more information.

Yes. Students can take individual courses for credit. It is very important that students check with their local high school counselor to make sure that the course will count for credit towards their graduation requirements as well as for any future college they may attend. Go to the Part-Time Student Process for admissions for more information.

Oaks Christian Online is a diploma granting, accredited online high school based in California for full-time high school students. OCO is considered by many to be one of the best accredited online high schools in the country. Click here to see more about the graduation requirements.

Oaks Christian Online offers many summer school remediation and enrichment courses. These online summer high school classes are 18 week, semester-long course offered in a 9 week session. Students should plan on spending approximately 10 hours per week over the summer in order to complete the 90 hour, semester-long course. Students receive the same live sessions and regular, weekly teacher interaction offered in our regular semester term courses. Students also cannot complete the semester courses in less than 8 weeks and should expect the material to roll out in a week to week fashion to ensure this pacing.

We are excited to partner with parents! Monthly, online Parent – Teacher Fellowship meetings will be held along with access to recordings of college evenings, chapels and other events. A back to school picnic will provide a face to face opportunity to meet other parents. Parents can also get directly involved with their student’s day to day schooling through the use of a mentor account.

Students taking high school classes online can get help in a number of ways. They can contact their teacher, access the frequently asked technical questions data-base, or use the help tab in their course to report a problem. Additional information about Systems Requirements can be found here.

Students complete semester-long courses in 18 weeks. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, students can extend the course for an additional 2 weeks. Also, students can suspend their semester-long course in the event of an emergency, but the course must be concluded during the following term within 26 weeks of the course start date.

Students are given a set pace for each semester, and those dates are loaded into their course catalog for ease of tracking, and so they can move through their course with a cohort of other students. Students do have some flexibility within the term through the use of the late policy. Students have up to two weeks after a due date to submit without penalty. Students are issued warnings at 7 days and at 14 days, and zeroes are entered for their work at 16 days. They may submit late work with a 20% penalty. Students are encouraged to stay on pace and parents (who are also loaded into Canvas with usernames and passwords) can track student work against the deadlines in the calendar. Student Advisors also aid parents and teachers in helping students stay on pace throughout the semester.

OC Online is an accredited online high school under the WASC accreditation umbrella of Oaks Christian School. Additionally, OC Online academic courses eligible for UC and NCAA approval are approved through both agencies.  Our program offers students opportunities to accelerate and remediate, while still meeting the high academic rigor and expectations of colleges across the country.

Full-time students take a yearly Credit/ No Credit Spiritual Life Course where they are guided in the process of selecting and completing semester-long community service projects. Students are required to complete 10 hours of service per semester. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in face to face community service field trips. Students must pass their Spiritual Life Course in order to receive an OCO diploma. Click here to read more about the course.